Master Chen Ying has always expressed an interest in the fighting arts. From the age of 8 he studied Wushu (martial arts) diagrams and mimicked their movements. At age 10 he went to the local martial arts school to study. For two years, his instructor taught him various forms including Long Zu Zhuang (Dragon Tiger Post), Shaolin Di Long Quan (Shaolin Earth Dragon Fist), Wu Zu Quan (Five Ancestors Fist), and others. As a boy, Chen Ying participated in a province-wide sports competition for middle school students. He took first place in the 100-meter dash and high jump and was awarded the All-Around Conference Champion Trophy. It was at this time that Coach Li Jian Long, former team member and coach of the Fujian Province Wushu Team, discovered Sifu Chen. Coach Li put Chen Ying through a rigorous Wushu basic training program, and after just one year he was accepted into the city Wushu team.

Sifu Chen Ying demonstrated an exceptional talent for Wushu. He proved to be insightful and quickly surpassed those around him with his progress and skill. He participated in local, regional and national competitions and always received high scores. In 1980, the Fujian Physical Education College accepted Chen Ying into their 4 year Wushu program. At the same time, Master Chen taught Wushu at many local schools, accumulating extensive teaching experience.

After completing his degree, Sifu Chen was introduced by Coach Li to the famous Wushu master Wan Lai Sheng, lineage holder of the Zi Ran Men (Natural Style) and the Shaolin Liu He Men (Shaolin Six Harmony Style) fighting arts. Wan Lai Sheng accepted Chen Ying as his disciple and personally guided Chen Ying through 6 years of bitter training in Shaolin Liu He Men, Zi Ran Men, Luo Han Shen Da (Luo Han Spirit Fighting) and Shaolin Gen Qi Gong Fu (Shaolin Basic Kung Fu). Master Chen systematically mastered the open fist, weapons, and Dui Lian (two man) forms, as well as the rich meaning of Zi Ran Men, Nei Gong (Internal Practice), and the finer points of Luo Han Shen Da and fighting technique.

In 1990, Sifu Chen migrated to Tokyo, Japan to teach and study martial arts. In 1994 he moved once again to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1996, the Shaolin monk Shi Yan Ming invited Master Chen to the New York Shaolin Temple to teach modern Wushu. In 1997 Master Chen started his own martial arts academy in New York City, which he still runs to this day. He teaches contemporary Wushu and traditional Shaolin Liu He Men.

Because of Master Chen's comprehensive teaching experience, many of his students have a rather high level of skill. His students have received high scores in several National and International Wushu competitions, including Rory Bratter, a member of the 2002 USA Wushu Olympic Team. After retiring from competition, Bratter went on to help create and work on KA, a production for the Cirque Du Soleil. More recently, Sifu Chen trained Zoe Saldana for her role in Avatar. Many of Sifu Chen's students are often invited to perform and demonstrate their skills at various functions in and around New York City.

Chen Ying

Chen Ying