Sifu Chen offers lessons for children aged 5 - 12, teaching both traditional Kung Fu and contemporary Wushu. The classes focus on the fundamentals of Wushu and basic motions which are later used to develop more advanced skills. Once the student has gained the necessary maturity, both mentally and physically, they can advance to other classes. The classes are taught in a relaxed environment, with an emphasis on having fun and positive reinforcement.

The benefits of being involved in martial arts for youths are significant. Aside from the obvious physical benefits of better coordination, balance, strength and flexibility, they also learn to set goals and overcome challenges to achieve those goals. This builds confidence and self esteem. This kind of character-building carries over into school and their other activities, improving their mindset and helping them to make better decisions in life.


Have Fun
Learn Focus
Build Strength & Flexibility
Gain Confidence
Learn Self Discipline
Improve Health & Fitness

Kung Fu

Kung Fu