Master Li Jian Long is a former member and coach of the Fujian Wushu Team. He was selected as the premier athlete from Fujian province in the 1976-77 All China Wushu Competitions. From 1977, he served as the as Director of the Fuzhou Physical Education Institute in addition to coaching the professional Wushu team from Fujian. In 1978, he became one of the first certified judges for the Chinese national sport of Wushu. Skilled in both open hand forms and weapons combat, he served as fight choreographer for the martial arts film, Journey Back to the Tiger's Lair (Wo Hu Xun Jie).

As a traditional Kung Fu master, Li Jian Long is a senior disciple of legendary Liu He Zi Ran Men Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng. Liu He Men (Six Harmony style) is a branch of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu known for its fluid, effective fighting techniques and its thorough integration of internal and external energy. Master Li has co-authored a seminal book on the use of Chinese martial arts in basic self-defense entitled, Fang Shen Shu. He was also featured in Guardian of the Gates of Wei Tuo, a documentary on Wan Lai Sheng's life and teachings.

Uniquely skilled in both traditional and contemporary Chinese martial arts, Master Li believes in proliferation of the art form through highly scientific Wushu training methods. He offers instruction in barehanded and weapons forms (spear, straightsword, broadsword, staff, three-section staff, cudgel, whipchain, double hook swords, double broadsword) as well as the internal arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Li Jian Long