Sifu Chen offers private lessons for individuals or small groups seeking to work on specific skills, or for those who's schedule conflict with regular classes. Private lessons also have the added benefit of one-on-one instruction with Sifu Chen in a relaxed environment where he can tailor the class to the student's strengths and work on any deficiencies. These classes are excellent for those who prefer an intimate learning environment, or for beginners who want to develop their skill and confidence before joining regular classes. Sifu Chen also offers private lessons for the following:


Private lessons are ideal for actors or those performing stunt work who want to develop martial arts skills. Sifu Chen teaches foundational Kung Fu skills, as well as weapons styles, and can develop choreography for specific fight sequences. The Liu He (Six Harmony) style lends itself well to such training, as it's core principles and techniques are the foundation for many other styles. As Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng said, "All Kung Fu requires understanding of the the six harmonies (Liu He). Without understanding it, your Kung Fu will not be solid." Recently, Sifu Chen worked with Zoe Saldana for her role in the movie Avatar.


Sifu Chen will develop routines for Wushu competitors. For a list of the forms, weapons and styles he teaches, please see the Contemporary Wushu section. No previous competition experience is necessary, beginners are welcome.


For those seeking private instruction in Tai Chi, Sifu teaches both Yang and Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. He also teaches Ziranmen Qiqong (Natural Style breathing exercises). These internal systems offer excellent health benefits, and are ideal for those with less interest in the more vigorous external martial arts but still want to enjoy the benefits that martial arts offer.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu